A Greener Planet

At Coach Buzz Magic we’re committed to seeing a cleaner, greener planet.

We all know the importance of trees, and deforestation is one of the primary causes of environmental imbalance on the planet.

Trees don’t merely make the planet look more beautiful, they actually support life on the planet. We as a society have a collective responsibility to at least ensure that we do our bit in helping our planet be the wonderful place it is meant to be, for us and our children.

With that in mind, here are steps we’ve taken to support the cause:

  1. Awareness: At Coach Buzz Magic we’ve tried to bring awareness about importance of trees by first, starting the conversation. Making those who interact with us become aware that we’re tree lovers, and we want to support the cause of a cleaner greener world.

    Our brand reflects our support for trees, and it can be seen in our logo.
  2. Gifting Trees: We would also like to encourage people to consider the idea of gifting trees, using services like Tree Nation. A gift like this, can go a far way in helping the individual feel happier, and also a contributor to a healthier planet.

    In fact, we gift trees to each client that signs up with us, as a thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve them, and also indirectly giving us an opportunity to contribute towards a better planet.
  3. Change Your Search Engine: We all use search engines like Google so often to get information. While Google is still the best in terms of serving your queries, it can be helpful to use search engines like Ecosia.org that are committed to planting trees based off your search queries. Yes, just by searching regularly on the site, you can support the cause. Simple, isn’t it?

While deforestation is a big challenge, we can at least play a small role, and do what we can to help mother earth stay green and clean.

Let’s spread awareness about trees, one day at a time. Even though it might not solve the problem of deforestation altogether, it’s a start, and more importantly, you get to feel good about being part of a cause that makes a difference.

Thank you,

-Sumit Sharma