A Call to Awaken to the Mother in You

Awaken to the Mother In You

You don’t just become a coach by chance.

You don’t become a coach because you want to have a lifestyle business.

You don’t become a coach because you’re smart.

You become a coach because you love.

Whether you have realized it or not, there is a mother in you that is seeking expression.

She wants to care for those in need, for those needing hope, for those in despair.

She is a guide, a mentor, she is a man or a woman, who has woken up.

She is so lit, that the fire that now burns in her, is ready to take on every obstacle, every challenge, that comes her way, and will allow nothing to stop her from being who she is, a beacon of love.

Regardless of all those voices that you hear, within you, and outside you, that make you question yourself, and your right intentions, all those doubts and fears that you have, they are a complete lie.

Don’t you ever doubt the mother in you.

Instead become aware of her loving presence in you.

See that she doesn’t have any fears. She has no doubts, she is fiercely loving.

And in truth, that is all you ever need to make it as a coach.

You need to awaken to the mother in you.

Once you do that, everything else about your business is a cakewalk.

Nothing can shake the mighty force of love.

Nothing can shake a mother.

You, my dear coach, are a mother.

And it’s about time you own it.