Q: I am new to coaching, do I need to get a website?

A: Firstly, congrats on being a new coach! Now coming to your question. If you are still not sure whether you will want to stay a coach, and are just testing things out, then investing in a coaching website will not make sense. But if you have decided to be a coach, then a website can prove to be a real asset for your business when done right.

Q: What makes for a great coaching website?

A: A great coaching website is built using a steady technical infrastructure. It uses design that is right for your business, and more importantly, it helps deliver your message to your ideal clients. In short — strategy, website, and content are the trinity that help create a great coaching website.

Q: Can’t I just build my coaching business by networking online?

A: Networking is about connecting with people, whether that transpires into a client relationship depends on what happens after you connect. A website aids the process of helping people learn more about you in a comfortable setting, and decide if they want to book that discovery call, or hire you as a coach.

There are several others benefits you’d be missing out on, if you just tried to build your business using networking alone.

Q: I am not sure if I can afford a website

A: Every business requires an investment. A coaching website is an investment in your business. But it doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars hiring an expensive designer. At Coach Buzz Magic we specialize in lowering costs and making a website as affordable as practically possible. To find out more about pricing, get in touch with us.

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