Hello! Thank you for visiting Coach Buzz Magic. I am Sumit Sharma, the founder, and Chief Website Architect out here.

And that’s me in the picture. No, not that guy with the long beard, he was awesome though. A picture we took at the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Magnificent fort in India. Must visit if you ever get a chance.

Why I started Coach Buzz Magic

I used to build websites on WordPress for myself, for all my experimental business ventures, and personal blogging.

This led to learning so much about technical aspects of building a website, getting the right hosting, domains etc., that I ended up having enough experience to guide those who were new to the whole thing.

But that’s not all, I also stumbled across SEO writing, and started using it for my own blogs, and looking at how amazing it was to have Google send you all that traffic day in and day out, told me that a happy marriage was around the corner.

And so was born Coach Buzz Magic. I combined my skills of building websites on WordPress and SEO writing to help coaches launch their websites and help them get traffic more easily from Google.

Where we’re headed

Having worked with a few clients in the coaching industry, it has become clear that many coaches have no idea how to go about launching their coaching website, what content should go on it, and how to manage the whole thing.

Plus they’re concerned about the expenses, which in many cases, run in thousands of dollars if you were to hire a web designer.

We have been able to create an offering, where you can get your website built on a solid foundation, that looks great, and more importantly, helps bring you traffic on autopilot. All without hiring an expensive designer, or having to deal with the tech stuff yourself.

And yet, helping you retain control over your website. Which is not the case with most third party service providers.

Our focus is to help you build a website that becomes a real asset for your business, and that’s exactly where we’re headed with our offering at Coach Buzz Magic.

If you’re looking to create a site for your business, just drop me an email at hello@coachbuzzmagic.com and we’ll take it from there.

Again, thanks for dropping by, and hope to speak with you soon.

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