Hi! I’m Sumit Sharma, Chief Storyteller & Web Designer at Coach Buzz Magic

I am on a mission to help share your empowering story with the world, and use it as a basis to create a compelling website.

When your website and content convey this story effectively, magic happens.

That’s why I call myself the chief storyteller. Although I build websites and write SEO articles, at the heart of it all, I am just like an architect.

Architects are storytellers, and I’d be happy to be that architect for you, by crafting an engaging website, and writing stellar content, so your story has a chance to stand out, get noticed, and be heard.

For once your message is heard, your ideal clients will start knocking your door.

Why you will enjoy working with me

The truth is, I am coach at heart, and can empathise with your longing to extend a helping hand to those in need.

I understand that what you do is similar to what teachers and doctors do, it’s more of a noble profession.

This sensitivity to your craft, allows me to work with you, by deeply understanding your needs, and serving you in a way that is right for you.

In essence, I care for your and your clients’ needs, with empathy, compassion, and integrity.

My clients are proof of what I just said. So let’s hear a bit from them.

“Thank you so much Sumit for the work you are doing and have done for me. You have very intuitive skills as a storyteller and have given a lot to make things authentic. It was a pleasure to have been interviewed by Lorin Mask and thank you for allowing that opportunity to occur. It’s obvious you value your clients and give them 101%. I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone as not only for your story telling but also you have transformed my website! Thank you again for your hard work and tenacity!”

-Dr. Tahsin Zatman

He is probably the most patient tech guy I know, and the most helpful too. Nothing is too much trouble and he really works hard to get you into your website, so people know, understand, and are drawn to who you are, and the transformation you bring.

If you’re stuck, and need help with any aspect of website building, then look no further!”

-Angela Roth

But there’s more. I am not a part-timer, doing this to make a side income. This is my core service. But I wasn’t always doing this. Before I started my own venture, I was working for a healthcare SaaS company as the head of a core data processing division. From the CEO to the agents, everyone recognised me for my integrity and discipline. And that’s what I bring to the table.

Academically, I have a BSc in Health Information Administration, and several professional certifications in digital marketing and writing.

More importantly, I have the zeal and determination to help your coaching business take off with a strong website to back it up.

If you’re ready to tell your story and create a strong digital presence, let’s catch up for a quick chat.

Let’s talk