Why Build Just Another Coaching Website, When You Can Build Your Own Platform, Where Your Message is Delivered to Your Ideal Clients, Loud and Clear!

Say goodbye to tech headaches and old fashioned websites

The primary role of your coaching website is to serve as a platform, where your voice can be heard.

Even if you have the best product or service in the world, if you’re standing in a noisy market, it can be difficult for your message to be heard.

That’s what is happening with most coaches. They’re working hard, trying to put their message out there, but their voice often gets drowned in all that digital noise.

The solution? Build your own platform, where you get the center stage.

Remember, the keyword here is platform, and not just any website.

If your website just acts like a digital visiting card, it’s not a platform. Not that it is not valuable, but it can become much more powerful when you work on transforming it into a platform.

Your own coaching business platform means you get a website that communicates clearly with your audience, and that is updated regularly with top notch SEO friendly content.

This enables you to attract more engaged visitors, and increases your chances of finding your ideal clients.

But building a platform is not a one and done process, it requires consistent work, and that is why our clients have chosen to partner with us, so they can benefit from our ongoing support and continue to thrive in their coaching business.


“I would highly recommend working with Sumit Sharma!

Like many of you, I’ve had some pretty bad experiences when it comes to launching my own websites – I’ve been charged ridiculous prices for a website that was so inefficient, I might as well have published it on kitchen roll! I’ve been promised perfection,, then discovered I’m expected to do all the work myself, and I’ve tried to build on my own, which was complete disaster – endless hours wasted and very disappointing results.

But not with Sumit! He is probably the most patient tech guy I know, and the most helpful too. Nothing is too much trouble and he really works hard to get you into your website, so people know, understand, and are drawn to who you are, and the transformation you bring.

If you’re stuck, and need help with any aspect of website building , then look no further!”

Angela Roth – Founder, Succeed From The Start

“Sumit helped redesign my website at an incredibly affordable price and it now looks so much more professional and beautiful. He taught me how to edit it.

Sumit is a joy to work with. I feel he genuinely cares about my success and is not just trying to make money off of me. I feel happy working with him as he is a genuine person who is smart, conscious and knowledgeable and is helping me advance as a yoga teacher and children’s behavior coach.

He is a window of opportunity helping me to advance my business. He is now showing me how to publish an ebook on Amazon so that’s exciting! He is a great writer to help with SEO and just an extra mind for my business to advance. I highly recommend working with Sumit! He is awesome!”

Jessi Moon Conder – Founder, Let’s Enlighten Together

But that’s not all, here are websites we’ve designed, and we’re only getting started!

  1. MeetBarbaraEllis.com
  2. LucyThom.com
  3. SucceedFromTheStart.com
  4. LetsEnlightenTogether.com

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Sumit Sharma – Chief Storyteller at Coach Buzz Magic

100% Adventure Guarantee!

I find satisfaction guarantees boring. For me it’s a given if you choose to hire me. What I’d like to offer is an adventure guarantee–Working with me will be like going on an adventure; where you get to actively participate in building a strong platform for your coaching business. You’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll not want the adventure to end. I say, try me!