Lucy Thom: From One Woman To Another – You’ve Got to Own Your Power, You’ve Got to Find Your Unsinkable Boat!

A woman is such a wonderful creation. But do you know what’s even more wonderful? It’s when a woman understands another woman.

Women are so powerful, and yet they are often unaware of their power. Lies from across the centuries have kept them feeling disempowered, limited in their ability to fully express who they are.

You’re just a woman, they’re told. Not in the nicest way, no, instead in a way that implies weakness, feeding hundreds of years of negative programming.

And the situation has been such, that cooking, cleaning, caring, parenting, and these days also helping bring in a second income is a “normal” thing expected of most women.

A woman who refuses to fit the bill is often looked down on, maybe even labeled an outcast.

And that’s not what is worst; worst is that it’s so often women doing that to women.

Well, there is one question that seems to have been overlooked: where are the fairy godmothers?

You see when women’s “liberation” came along, encouraging more women to take up paid roles outside of the home, who was there to take over all the “nurturing activities” that so many women had been covering? Who would provide care for families, for the young, the old and the sick? Who would have the time and the energy to maintain the home environment, cook meals and hold the community together?

It seems these important activities that women had mostly been taking care of, have been completely underestimated and totally taken for granted. And the detrimental impacts have been staggering.

What has this been like for women? To feel the pressure of a career alongside juggling the needs of themselves and their families. When often their needs are neglected. Neglecting their own needs seems to have been the only way forward.

Women need to wake up and see that their needs also deserve attention. And neglecting them is not really an option if they are looking to live a more fulfilling life. They need to outdo the labels thrown around whenever they seek higher expression, and go fully into being the strong woman that they truly are, asserting boundaries with clarity and compassion.

You’ve got to own your power, and use it for your fullest creative expression, for when women own their power, everything gets sorted.

And do you know what owning this power means? It means finding your authentic voice! No, not your mother’s, father’s or a celebrity’s voice, YOUR voice.

Because if you just kept trying to be someone else, when will you be you? And you know why you need to be you? Because it frees you from the world, and in effect allows you to enjoy being in it.

You can’t be a slave to the world, and enjoy it. For you to enjoy it, you have to be free from it.

And that’s exactly what will happen with Lucy on your side.

Lucy holds a degree in Environmental and Political Geography. She also trained in the Officer Cadets, and served in the Royal Engineers Reserves as a Troop Commander. She has also been a professional sailor, which includes a 5 year Round the World voyage.

Yes, she’s pretty much the Lara Croft in real life. But that’s not because she was in the military, nor because she was an adventurous sailor. But that’s because how women truly are.

Women are tough. They are strong. And it’s time to get used to hearing this, because the narrative is about to change. Standing up for yourself, and saying no when you want to say no IS the new normal.

Lucy is one such woman, she has recognised the truth about herself, and with this recognition came empowerment for her to be her truest, strongest self.

But the awareness of her own strength, didn’t come to her, just like that. Joining the military isn’t a default license to bravado. Every human being has to become aware of their power by themselves. No one else can make you powerful, because your power lies right within you.

And to arrive to her power, Lucy had to go through a journey of her own.

It was May 2007, Lucy was living in France, 3 months pregnant with her second child, when she became aware that she had suddenly started finding it difficult to breathe. And even though the problem was quite persistent, she thought it must just be a pregnancy thing.

The local doctor thought it was asthma and prescribed an inhaler and some allergy testing which proved ineffective and inconclusive. So she didn’t give it further attention, hoping that by ignoring it, her breathing would sort itself out. But as weeks passed, and then months, she was finding it harder to breathe, until she reached a point, where she felt like this is it, I need help.

When she finally met an Ear Nose and Throat specialist, he couldn’t clearly identify her condition, and referred her to another consultant in London, who could confirm that she was suffering from a rare condition called Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis.

What that meant was she had an unusual tissue growth in her throat, leaving little room for her to breathe freely.

All this was new for Lucy, who was expecting to deliver her second child in 3 months. The doctor knew what was going on in her mind, and assured her that she was in safe hands. He told her that there was an effective procedure that many women had done, that she could do, and be able to breathe normally again.

That was good news for Lucy. But he also told her that this tissue growth was likely to recur and she’d have to pretty much deal with it for the rest of her life.

Maybe I’ll be an exception she thought.

Soon she was scheduled for a procedure, and as soon as it was over the relief was huge, she was breathing normally. And for two years she had no problem, but just as the doctor had told her, she found herself in a similar situation again.

Eleven years later, having gone through a dozen procedures, she often wondered how someone like her who had no background of asthma or any breathing issues, would suddenly end up with a condition like this. What could have gone wrong?

And then one day as she was on a delivery with her family, sailing through the beautiful waters of Greece, something happened that gave her a clue as to what might be going on. At the time she was a bit worried about her upcoming trip to Paris, where she was supposed to go to give a speech on mediation. She is trained and certified in mediation and conflict resolution coaching.

So as she was pondering about her breahting situation, and how it could worsen by the time Paris happens, she thought, she rather inform the organisers that she won’t be able to make it. But just before emailing them, she shared this with her eldest daughter who was about 12 years old then. Her name is Sophie.

And as soon as Sophie heard the idea of cancelling the trip, she held Lucy by her shoulders and emphatically told her, “Of course Mum! Of course you’re meant to go to Paris!”

Lucy was like, yes, yeah, I am not cancelling the trip; I am going! And she emailed them, confirming her attendance.

Just as she did that, her breathing improved. And as she worked on the presentation she was going to give in Paris, she started feeling so much better; she forgot about her breathing situation.

She went to Paris, delivered a brilliant speech and a mini-workshop, followed by a big round of applause. And the breathing situation? That was as if it was not there at all!

That spark of positivity that came through from the enthusiasm of Sophie helped her cancel the problem, instead of cancelling the event.

Interesting experience, Lucy thought. And wondered if her problem had deeper roots than biology?

The next experience she recalls was even more startling.

It was the year 2021, in the month of December, when she was again not able to breathe so well. In fact she was already scheduled for a procedure. But just a few days before Christmas, she felt that her condition had worsened and she needed to go and see her consultant.

He wasn’t pleased with her situation at all. He gave her some steroids to manage the problem, until she could get her surgery done. But warned her to be careful. He said this could be dangerous.

Lucy was, as it happened, going through a difficult phase in her personal life, and now the consultant had this to say. She took the steroids, and did fine for a few weeks. But by the time January arrived, she was again feeling very unwell and congested.

And then on this day the 27th January 2022, following a phone call with her aunt, just as she hung up, she felt like she needed to cough, so she took a deep breath in and as she then went to cough, she simply couldn’t. The air was trapped in her lungs and she could neither breathe in or out; she was choking. Fortunately her Dad was in his study just next door to the guest room, and she gestured to him that she needed his help.

He immediately knew she was in trouble, and started thumping her on the back trying to help her out, just as his partner, Jen, who was luckily right in the next room, came out with her phone in her hand and she immediately called for an ambulance.

The emergency services were amazing, guiding her father to resuscitate her by mechanically using her rib cage like a set of bellows for Lucy had passed out and had now started to turn blue.

And incredibly, by the time the ambulance arrived just 4 minutes after the call was made, Lucy was foaming at the mouth and her natural colour had started to return. Lucy came round to find an oxygen mask on her face, and 4 paramedics cheering her and her Dad and Jen; they had saved her life! The paramedic team soon had Lucy transferred to the ambulance and when they asked her if she had had any covid jabs and she said “no I didn’t take them” much to Lucy’s relief, they responded positively.

Oh goodness, so glad that you held out, one paramedic exclaimed. Turned out they hadn’t taken the jabs either, and he praised Lucy for her grit in surviving the medical and social pressure.

But just as if the turn of events wasn’t enough of a miracle, when she arrived at the hospital, she met her new consultant, who on seeing her, came close to her, looked right in her eyes, even though she wasn’t wearing a mask, and told her, here my team and I are absolutely committed to supporting your own immune system, for you to get well in the way that you need to.

Lucy was like whoa! That was amazing! Everything was moving like a symphony. It appeared as if a beautiful orchestra was playing, where everyone was doing their job perfectly well. And as if everyone understood what she needed for her treatment. She felt like the universe was supporting her, making everything seem like a melody.

She had even requested for a private room, and had been granted one! And on the 3rd day something happened, that she’ll probably remember for the rest of her life.

It was early in the morning, when suddenly she felt a wave of intense heat enter her body. It felt very nice and warm, and really healing, and it wasn’t fever. It was different. She felt the warmth was vibrating every cell of her body, and then she felt a very cold, ice-like sensation, in her throat, which seemed to move up and down, several times, and then it exited, leaving with a big white noise, and then, she felt like she dropped back on her bed.

The experience was as if she had somehow been floating above the bed. Now slumped back on the bed, she felt exhausted, as if she had run a big marathon, and she fell back to sleep.

As she woke up later, something was very strange, and then she noticed: what was so strange was the silence. Suddenly, everything was so silent around her and she realised, her breath wasn’t noisy, as she was used to hearing it, given her condition.

And then few weeks later she was called for a checkup, and as the consultant and her dad looked at the screen, where they could see if there was any congestion or obstruction in her throat, and they were pleasantly surprised to find nothing there. It was all clear. Which means, no need for surgery!

Everyone was very happy of course, but there’s one thing that Lucy did do, that needs to be mentioned, and that was, right from the point of ending that phone call with her aunt, she was holding close to her a postcard of Bruno Groening. A recognised spiritual healer of his time, who passed away in 1959.

Lucy admired Bruno, and his work, and that day as she was going through that difficult phase, prayed for his blessings. Could there be a connection between all the miracles and Bruno Groening? We don’t know. But what we know is she did have a miraculous experience.

As far as Lucy is concerned, she got an experience of a dimension of life that is beyond our current understanding.

The two experiences, one in Paris and the other in the hospital, have left quite an impression on her. And she has since been quite contemplative of her attitudes towards life, and the words alignment, creative life, strength, compassion, and love have started to hold deeper meaning to her more than ever.

Lucy feels that women must hold their ground and care for themselves as much as they care for others. After Lucy had children, she quit her profession as a sailor, and became a full-time homemaker.

And while she was totally happy to be a mother and a homemaker, she also felt that she had left behind an important part of her, she was a sailor at heart, and more importantly, she was a team player.

She sorely missed being part of a team, that was working for a cause. And this aspect of her life, that called upon her to be a leader, this she missed deeply.

As she realised this, she started going back to inculcating her natural leadership qualities, where she could work for a meaningful cause, and be a part of a team, a community that needed to keep their boats sailing.

This discovery helped Lucy find her Unsinkable Boat.

unsinkable boat

More importantly, she found that as a woman, who had woken up to her power, she felt a longing to share this with other women, who have likely been waiting for a message like hers.

And she is now ready to help women find their own unsinkable boat, to help them sail through life, with courage, joy, and power.

Even if they have been dealing with a chronic illness, nothing can stop them from owning their power, and being themselves. This Lucy is certain about.

The question that now remains for women is, are you ready to elevate your life? Are you ready to say goodbye to the sob story in your head, and go live the life of your dreams? Because if you are, then Lucy is ready to take you on an adventure of your life.

Bon voyage!

You can get help from Lucy in several ways.

  1. Unsinkable Boat Coaching for Women: You see, at the end of the day, it’s all about recognising the fact that women have always been powerful. They’ve always had an unsinkable boat, but it’s only a matter of recognition. When you see and realise the power that lies within you, you also get to have your own unsinkable boat to help you sail smoothly through the sea of life.

    If you are ready to share your story, feel heard, supported, and nurtured, then Lucy’s got your back. To get her help all you have to do is reach out to her at

  2. Mediation & Conflict Resolution: Lucy is a trained and certified Mediation and Conflict resolution coach. You can benefit from her expert intervention and resolve a conflict. She has handled difficult scenarios in the past, so if this is something you or someone you know may need, be sure to reach out to her.



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Every day is women’s day. Women ought to be celebrated for the creation they are, and they ought to start being more of their true selves. They ought to own their power, find their voice, and express themselves fully.

Whether you choose to be a homemaker, a professional, or both, the choice is yours. Let no one else in the world choose for you, what you’re supposed to choose for yourself. Act like a free woman, and the world will treat you like one. Now go, share this story, far and wide!

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