Enough of The Rip Off, Time To Rebel. The Story of Angela Roth, the Woman Who Knocked Failure Out of Her Life

Have you ever had an encounter with a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Angela Roth sure did. She met wolves, who she didn’t see as wolves then, but as nice, well-meaning gentlemen and ladies, who would help her start to build a successful coaching business.

She began work as a Clerical Assistant before graduating in Maths & Economics, and has since held various roles, including being a Police Constable at Greater Manchester Police. 

Soon after, she decided she wanted to follow her passion for helping people lose weight, and launched Shape Shifters Academy.

Little did she know then of the impending doom that would come about as a result of signing up with a business building programme that totally failed to deliver on its promises.

She was asked to pay a hefty fee, and was told that they will teach her everything about running a successful online coaching business.

With little to no prior experience, she had no idea whom to trust online. She had found a “business guru” who had managed to create a digital persona that seemed likeable, and someone you could trust. But as she became a part of the programme, she found out, how she and others were being sold one thing after another, but there was no follow through on the actual promise of teaching them how to build a sustainable coaching business.

It appeared as if her mentors had no interest in her success, but were only concerned about filling their own pockets. She felt like she and other members, were all being treated like an ATM machine. They didn’t care two hoots about the fact, that it was hard earned money, and some people had even taken a loan, including Angela, to pay for the programme.

By the time she realised what was going on, she had over £25,000 in debt, and was paying around £500 a month for apps and services she was told she needed.

Of course, she was clearly and blatantly lied to.

And they never stopped lying, and kept asking for more money, that came in the form of upsells and added subscriptions.

Only when the water had reached her neck, did she realise she was drowning in debt, and if anyone could keep her afloat, it was she, herself.

The financial strain that she was going through, was a wake up call.

She shook her head, and told herself, this can’t be true. She started seeing through the lies of the charlatans, who were merrily thriving off her and other people’s money.

It occurred to her that they always tried to create a fake sense of desperation, by telling them how if they didn’t do this or that, they’d have little chance of success.

She saw that they used the thug model of threaten and loot, and they did that in a subtle way.

While she recognised what was going on, she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do, because by then she had invested a significant sum with them.

Her mind brought up all kinds of worries. She felt lost and felt like she had let her husband down, despite his support and help with the loan for the programme.

But in spite of all those negative voices she heard, one voice stood out distinctly. It was a healthy voice. It was the voice of the right rebellion.

She refused to be taken advantage of and declared it was time to rebel.

Her rebellion was a conscious one, where she held no hard feelings for the lost souls who didn’t know what they were doing.

What she did instead was simply walk away.

Even though she had no idea how she was going to recover from the mess, she took a leap of faith and moved on.

Her decision to walk away was the light calling upon her. And as she heeded the call, she found herself in the warm, loving embrace of goodness. Of rightness. Of truth. That told her, she didn’t need to be desperate about anything.

It was as if a heavy weight was lifted off her shoulders, and even though her debts were lingering around the corner, nothing could shake her anymore.

The good vibes that she was feeling also helped her realise, that the people who lied to her, didn’t own her dreams. That she still could build her dream business, and that no one will ever be able to steal or take her dreams away from her.

This spark of new found inspiration told her that failure was a lie that she could knock out from her life, and she did!

The rest, is history.

Today, Angela is the founder of an inclusive, thriving business community, where anyone with a dream is welcome. Where your voice is valued, and where you can find the support and tools to take your heart’s message to the world.

The name of the community is Succeed From The Start.

It is Angela’s way of rebelling. A loud roar to all the thieves and scammers out there, a message to them, as to what a strong woman can do when challenged–She can make their existence irrelevant!

Through Succeed From The Start, she aims to callout to all those who need help building their business. She wants to ensure no one has to go through, what she went through.

In essence, her rebellion, brought out the fiercely protective love of a mother, who wants to ensure all the members of her community are safe, and have a truly successful coaching business.

If you dream of building a thriving coaching business, you don’t have to do it alone, you can become a part of Angela’s community, by paying a monthly fee, or join her free Facebook community to begin with.

It is jam-packed with collaborative sessions from other coaches and service providers, who talk business, health and finance, all under one roof.

Her members can’t stop raving about how amazing the community is, and how much they feel supported by being a part of it.

Having worked closely with Angela, I can tell, she’s gone all out in building a supportive platform, where you can find the confidence, creativity, and technology, that supports building a successful business, all at an affordable price.

And even though Angela is firing all guns, she says she’s only just getting started – the best is yet to come! 

If you are thinking of starting a coaching business, or already have one, why miss out on all the fun? Check out Succeed From The Start today!

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